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Guardian Art is a self-defense organization that proposes feasible plans of action for social change and the betterment of the quality life around the world. Guardian Art understands that life is a network, and a network only works well to the degree that it functions properly if it
connects and relays well with all other parts of the network. Guardian Art created the Guardian Games as a tool to help assist the network of life in the form of a charity to help create the opportunity to better the neglected parts of life's network.

This event, and the games that are a part of the event, are designed to help increase awareness of the horrible living conditions that Native Americans across the continent have been forced to live in. The proceeds of the Guardian Games will be given to the Native Americans to help change and improve the living conditions upon the reservations they live. Guardian Art strives so that living for the network of life is just not an idea, but is an action that one takes as a way of life.

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