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Pine Ridge is a Native American reservation situated in the southwest corner of South Dakota. It is the home of the Oglala Sioux Native Americans, the eighth largest reservation in the United States and yet the poorest. The population of Pine Ridge suffers health conditions commonly found in Third World countries,
including high mortality rates, depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, malnutrition and diabetes, among others. Reservation access to health care is limited compared to urban areas, and it is not sufficient. Unemployment on the reservation hovers between 80% and 85%, and 49% of their population live below the federal poverty level. Many of the families have no electricity, telephone, running water, or sewage systems and many use wood stoves to heat their homes, with depleting limited wood resources.

The goal of the Guardian Games is to help create the opportunity for the Sioux people to have funding to invest in programs that will helping improve the quality of life around them. All proceeds from the event will be going to the T.R.E.A.T.Y Total Immersion School on the Pine Ridge reservation. Guardian Art is dedicated to help improve the quality of life for the Sioux people and all Native Americans for that they are the most neglected people in America. By donating or participating in this event you will not just be doing a good deed, but actually saving lives. So please help us in this effort to save this part of our world.

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